Donating Everyday Items to the Shelter

Food Items:
fresh fruit and vegetables
sugar, any type meat, bacon
sliced cheese, cooking spray
cereal, worcestershire sauce,
milk, regular, 2% and evaporated
coffee, texas pete, parsley
healthy snacks, espec. for kids & toddlers

Shelter Needs:
kitchen trash bags, 13-gallon
black drum liner bags, 55-gallon

3x3 & 4x4 non-adherent dressings

laundry detergent
cleaning supplies, Lysol, Pinesole
toilet paper

Resident Needs:
women's toiletries and personal hygiene items
men's toiletries, incl. deodorant


Certain Things Are Always Needed
There can never be enough coffee on hand, or milk or cereal. Liquid laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper. All the things you use every day and perhaps take for granted in your shopping, we need in vast supply for our shelter residents. Please see the list to the right.

We are always thankful to receive donated funds, but if you cannot donate money, please consider donating items from the list to the right. There is always a need for these things, and even small donations are good, for they combine to make a big difference. 

Got More Cookies or Casserole Than You Need ?
Valley Mission gladly accepts donations of prepared food items not consumed at your party, luncheon, meeting, or other group events. Even small amounts can be used, for they are added to foods prepared in the Mission kitchen.

After your event, please drop off your donations at the Mission reception desk. It is important that you call ahead (540) 886-4673 to tell the staff that you are on your way. This call is especially important on weekends. Thank you for your help!


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