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Our work group prepared and served lunch at the Valley Mission in late October. We served between 30 and 40 people. We were impressed by the clean and orderly appearance of the center including the kitchen and all other facilities. The Valley Mission provides a safe, clean and warm environment for those in need. They also provide support in many ways to assist residents in becoming self-sufficient.
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I have served food at the Valley Mission. I love that they provide housing and laundry, divide up chores for the residents there, encourage the residents to seek employment, and provide needed services for them.
I thoroughly enjoyed serving lunch at the Mission and would gladly do this again. The Mission is very well run and the staff are dedicated, compassionate and loving. The Mission provides a vital service for this community and deserves our full support.
I came with the Fort Defiance High School Family, Career, and Consumer Sciences Department (FCCLA). It was a great experience and was very rewarding. The reactions of the people that we served gave me great success. As a student, the Valley Mission is a wonderful place for us to see a direct impact on our efforts.
At Valley Mission everyone is treated with human dignity. Donations are checked to make sure of wholesomeness. At Valley Mission donations are crucial. Some are sold in the thrift stores to help with operations and many items are given to those living there in need. At Valley Mission people don't feel like they are low on the totem pole. Everyone living there is treated well and with dignity.
We've been volunteering here weekly for about two years and have always been treated well. They appreciate our effort, even allowing our children to work with us. They are open to ideas of how to do things better and are willing to try new things that will help their residents.
I've had the pleasure of working with Valley Mission in two different ways. We have been regular contributors to the Mission store and have always found the staff to be friendly, approachable and efficient. More importantly, I have asked the Director of the Valley Mission over the past six years to come and talk to college students about the Mission ...  Moreover, I have placed a number of college students in Valley Mission over the past few years, and they have always had fulfilling experiences working with the residents, the staff, and other volunteers. In short, I only have words of unqualified praise for the work of Valley Mission in this community.
I spent a week last summer doing volunteer work as part of a summer class project designed to help students learn more about their communities. As a longtime resident of the Staunton area, I have shopped frequently at the Mission's (excellent) thrift store, known people who have stayed at the Mission for varying lengths of time and served many meals during there while helping with church youth groups. I was delighted to have the opportunity to actually spend a fairly prolonged period of time (about 12 hours, over the course of two weeks) inside the Mission. I was impressed by the professionalism with which the shop is managed: It's a big undertaking. I was also delighted by the friendliness and genuine caring displayed by Mission employees toward their clientele.
Early in December, my husband, daughter, and I shared a 30 minute musical program with the residents of the Valley Mission as a kick-off to their "12 Days of Christmas" celebration. Although we were familiar with the work of the Valley Mission and have assisted in small ways previously via our church, this was our first real experience as a family to share our gifts in an intimate setting at the mission. We were thrilled at not only the number of persons that attended the program but also at the level of involvement of the residents. They joined in to sing Christmas carols and songs and were so enthusiastic. The chaplain, Beverly (Robinson), had arranged for us to be there and it was obvious that she is a key role in providing additional programs as well as encouraging the residents to participate in them. The day that we were scheduled to be at Valley Mission was the same day that my husband was laid off from his job. In the midst of our own discouraging news, our hearts were uplifted by the spirit and joy we saw at the Valley Mission. We truly applaud the work of the Valley Mission. Not only are they meeting physical needs of food and shelter for those that need it, but they are providing emotional and spiritual support to their residents and creating an environment of hope and faith that goes beyond their circumstances. We eagerly look forward to serving at the Valley Mission in the future.
the Valley Mission is a vital piece of this community's aid to the underprivaledged. My experience has been first rate with any of the volunteers and/or employees. They are great to work with.
I feel that this is an important organization for my community and one that deserves the highest praise for the work being done there.
I take a group of four to six consumers from Western State Hospital to Valley Mission every other week for a work experience opportunity. It has been rewarding to see the difference that our time can make in improving the appearance of the store. It has also enabled my co-leader and I to see who in our group has strong initiative and who will need a more predictable job in the community. All the Valley Mission staff has been very supportive and appreciative of our help.
A call by Valley Mission for volunteers to paint residents' rooms excited me: this is just the thing I can do to help, I knew. My initial contact with the Volunteer Coordinator was so pleasant that I decided to make a rather long-term commitment to redecorate several of the residents' living spaces. The staff of the Mission are welcoming, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and smiling at all times... just what you'd want to find at a shelter for homeless people. The Mission was clean, bright, well-run and being well-used. Some people might expect a derelict, drab and perhaps scary place, but that expectation is far off the mark for the Valley Mission. Our community is well served by the Mission... if only it could be expanded to serve even more of my community neighbors. I am very pleased to have contributed something small and I hope to continue in whatever ways the Mission staff would like. Now that I have connected, I will continue at the Valley Mission.
The nTelos Wireless Accounting department used the opportunity of a team building to prepare and serve lunch to those at Valley Mission. We were very surprised by the hospitality, friendliness and appreciation given by those we were priviledged to serve. We were very impressed by the facilities and the heart of those working at Valley Mission.
I had a great experience at Valley Missions! It is a wonderful organization and it does a lot for the community. I felt like I really made a difference when I was volunteering in the food pantry and kitchen. I felt that the volunteer coordinator did a great job of organizing volunteers and helping them have a better understanding of the organization's values and missions.


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