Pastoral Care and Worship


While providing for their physical and material needs is vital for our neighbors struggling with homelessness and hunger, we must also help ease their internal and spiritual struggles and attempt to restore hope in their lives.
To that end, Valley Mission offers a full range of pastoral support services and an active program of chapel services.

Pastor Beverly Robinson is the Chaplain for the Mission and Director of Pastoral Care. Her ministry is at the heart of all Mission efforts, for her work fosters fellowship and a sense of community within the Mission.

Chapel services include:pastorbev

  • Chapel Worship Service -- Sunday at 11:30 am and Thursday at 6:15 pm
  • Children's Ministry during Chapel services
  • Morning Devotionals--Monday -- Friday at 8:15 am
  • Prayer and Bible Study for shelter residents -- Wednesday at 3:30 pm
  • Christ-Centered Recovery Group -- Monday at 6 pm

Chapel services on Thursday and Sunday are open to the public. Community members and Mission volunteers are invited to be involved in Chapel programs. Shelter residents are encouraged to attend Chapel services, but are not required to do so. Similarly, residents are offered pastoral counseling and support from Pastor Beverly, but are not required to participate.

An ordained minister since 1994, Pastor Beverly has extensive experience helping others in need. Before coming to the Mission, she worked many years as a certified substance abuse therapist with the Valley Community Services Board before retiring in 2006. She has served at Oak Grove Church and Restoration Ministries and at the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, both in the Staunton area.

Pastor Beverly has been a part of Valley Mission for some time. She was a member of the Board of Directors in 1996 and in occasional years since then. After several years of pastoral involvement with the Mission, she was appointed to the Mission staff as Chaplain in 2009 and then Director of Pastoral Care in 2010.


Chapel Programs:

Children's Ministry & Children's Chapel

Women's Ministry

Bible Study

Recovery Ministry

Valley Mission Choir


Children's Ministry & Children's Chapel
Pastor Beverly and her cadre of volunteers work with shelter children to build character, promote self-esteem and improve self-confidence. Dedicated and structured time is offered for the children while their parents seek healing time and spiritual fellowship during Chapel worship services and other programs provided by Pastor Beverly. Volunteers have extended this ministry outside Mission walls, taking the families on outings to local parks, when family time is emphasized and sharing can be promoted between the children and their parents.

The goals are to help the children understand that every individual is loved, needs love, and is important to this world. Through this message it is hoped that the children will have an opportunity to impart their love to their parents and to build that bond and relationship. This message may also help them realize that those -- perhaps their own parents --who have never been loved and do not feel important are not able to give love readily to each other or to their children.

An after-school program is being developed for the shelter children, for they need structure and support in their daily lives. Afternoon time will be set aside for homework and daily activities that build each child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Mission hopes to provide space dedicated just to the Children's Ministry and after-school program.

-- adapted from Valley Mission Newsletter, September/October 2010.

Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry meets in the Chapel every fourth Saturday of the month, led by Pastor Beverly. Children's Ministry programs are provided for the children during this time.

Bible Study
Pastor Beverly leads a devotional Bible study group in the Chapel every Wednesday at 3:30 pm, preceded by a half-hour of prayer time at 3 pm. The group discussion follows a purpose-driven-life curriculum.

Recovery Group and Outreach Activties
A Christ-centered recovery group for shelter residents is led by Pastor Beverly on Mondays at 6 pm. An outreach activity of this group extends the recovery ministry to a Jail Ministry at the Middle River Regional Jail Complex in Verona, Virginia.

Valley Mission Choir
Developed during 2010, the Choir has brought the Good News to the Chapel Ministry through music. Choir members are shelter residents and former residents, often joined by guest singers from the community. The Choir performs for residents and has already had several concerts at local churches. The Choir sang as the lead performers at our local World Homeless Day observance and for the candlelight vigil service on National Homeless Persons Memorial Day.


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