Shelter Services


We offer shelter to men, women and families. Our capacity is currently 115 beds: 45 for men, and 27 for women and 9 families. The men reside in one large open dormitory fitted with twin bunk beds. Each man has a small amount of private storage space. The single women reside in one dormitory room, equipped with twin bunk beds. There are nine bedrooms for families, with twin beds, some twin bunks, and cribs as necessary. Most rooms for women and families have clothes dressers and hand sinks in each room.

The dormitories are secured at all times, 24 hours every day, seven days a week. Round-the-clock staff and security cameras safeguard residents. Access to the bedrooms is controlled at all times byshelter staff. There are curfews each evening.

During weekday business hours, the residents leave the shelter to go to work, seek employment, obtain training, attend programs, or anything else required by their service plan. On weekends, the residents are permitted to stay in the shelter throughout the day.

Laundry Facilitieslaundryroom

Clothes washers and dryers are available for resident use at no cost. The laundry room is conveniently located on the same floor of the shelter space as the dormitories and bedrooms. Laundry detergent is made available from donations.



Meals are served in the Mission's dining hall every day of the year, three meals each weekday, brunch and dinner on weekend days. All meals served are open to the community, including all special event and holiday meals. Valley Mission encourages donation and serving of healthy and fresh foods whenever possible.


Weekday meals are prepared by the Mission's food service staff. Most of the food and cooking materials used in the Mission kitchen comes from donations, supplemented by Mission purchases. Many of the meals, especially those served on the weekends, are cooked and served by volunteers from

our community, individuals and groups from churches, synagogues, civic groups and high schools.

Meal Schedule (holiday meals and special may have extended times)
Monday-Friday: Breakfast 7 am, Lunch 12 noon, Dinner 5 pm Saturday-Sunday: Brunch 10 am, Dinner 4 pm

Thrift Store Vouchers

Shelter residents may receive vouchers for needed items such as clothing at the Mission's Staunton Thrift Store. Items received through vouchers are free to shelter residents. When residents move from the shelter into their own housing, needed household items including furniture are made available, also at no cost.

Management of Medications

Shelter staff manage the medications brought in by residents seeking shelter, in order to insure proper dosage and compliance with the doctors' orders indicated on the prescription.

Personal Grooming Items

Residents receive all items necessary for personal hygiene and grooming. These items are made available at no cost to the resident and come from donations to the Mission.

Infant Needs

Infant needs are provided to residents from donations. When possible we also assist with these needs for community members who qualify for assistance.

School Supplies

School supplies are provided for residents, both children and adults, from donations.


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