Support Services

Case Management
Mission staff work directly with residents to assess their needs. Upon arrival at the shelter for the first time, each new resident is interviewed to determine immediate needs and to develop a plan for making referrals to local agencies. Establishing a support network quickly improves the new resident's chances of moving successfully from homelessness toward self-sufficiency.

Referrals to local agencies may be done by telephone contact from Mission staff or by the resident. Once initial contact is made, the resident is expected to follow through with office visits and calls to the agencies. Staff monitor the resident's progress and provide encouragement and structure to the process.

Housing Fund Assistance
As part of a CAPSAW* grant, funds to assist with initial housing costs may be available to residents as they leave the shelter. These funds are limited and are managed and monitored by the Mission staff.
*CAP Staunton Augusta Waynesboro

Thrift Store Vouchers
Shelter residents may receive vouchers for use at the Mission's Staunton and Waynesboro Thrift Stores. The residents may select -- at no cost -- clothing and other needed personal items from the Store. When residents move from the shelter into permanent housing, needed household items and furniture are provided at no cost. Similar support is provided to community members who qualify for assistance. Decisions about and distribution of vouchers is managed by the Mission staff.

Holiday Food Baskets
Community members who qualify for assistance may receive a food basket at Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday time, with all the food and fixin's necessary for a family dinner. Determination of qualification for food baskets for either or both holidays rests with the Case Manager. The baskets are assembled in the Mission's kitchen and delivered to the homes of the community members by shelter residents and Mission volunteers.


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